A UCL project to solve the problem of tedious digital pathology labeling

A review of Andrew Ng & Laurence Moroney’s NLP course on Coursera

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Authenticating with a custom token, email/password, and/or external third-party services

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Embeddings are one of the foundational pieces to state-of-the-art NLP Neural networks

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AI youtube channels, blogs, newsletters, and more to always keep you up to date

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1. Yannic Kilcher’s channel on youtube

Setup Firebase cloud functions, Firestore with TypeScript, and understand the Firestore hierarchy

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I’ve worked as a machine learning consultant for an amazing Medical AI startup over the last few months

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Artificial Intelligence

Retro obtains comparable performance to GPT-3 and Jurassic-1 using 25x fewer parameters.

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Mostafa Ibrahim

Programmer. University College London Computer Science Graduate. ARM Full Stack Web Dev. Passionate about Machine Learning in Healthcare. Top 1000 writer in AI.

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